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Clancy Konadu




are you stuck between choosing to continue your education or pursuing your

football career

Global School student-entrepreneur Clancy is founder of 4ThePlayers! An athlete development platform and academy with a support-, training- and coaching program for young professional footballers.

In partnership with Global School for Entrepreneurship, 4ThePlayers presents “The Academy.” The Academy presents young players the opportunity to train like full-time professional footballers while studying for a Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. The best thing about this course is that along with training full-time while they look for opportunities for you in professional football. You will be encouraged to start and work on your own business, you will apply all the theory you learn to your own company and watch how your business grows.

Furthermore, if you are successful in finding a professional club. You can continue to study while you are away due to The Global School for Entrepreneurship’s flexibility with classes.

Additionally, with The Academy, you will be training full-time as well as having access to Personal Trainers, Physiotherapists, Psychologists, Performance Analysts, and Data Analysts. Lastly, 4ThePlayers will use new technologies and digital platforms to innovate the way our athletes are developed and above all, you will be joining our big family and will be well taken care of!

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