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As a University of Applied Sciences we as Global School for Entrepreneurship have the opportunity to teach our students the skills and knowledge on how to become an Entrepreneur in today’s society. As a bonus, we get the opportunity to connect and have our students learn from entrepreneurs who have been in the field for years. On this page you will get a taste of what that is like! Read, watch, and listen to their startup stories and learn from their experiences.

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6 tips for student-entrepreneurs

Combine starting and running a business with your study at Global School for Entrepreneurship. A successful student-entrepreneur sees opportunities, has courage and perseverance but also has their business in order. These 6 tips will explain how you accomplish this...

The best way to become an entrepreneur.

Many people have dreams about one day starting their own business. The problem? Life happens! And as a result, they never actually start their (first) business! Can you imagine the loss of all those potential companies that would have been created but were never born...

Ten great books for entrepreneurs.

As an entrepreneur, it's all about executing with many uncertainties and variables. That being said, preparation is certainly important to maximize your chances of success. We, therefore, created this reading list for all you (soon to be) entrepreneurs out there :)1....

Learning customer development.

Today we wanted to share with you some thoughts on a concept Silicon Valley legend Steve Blank put into the world a couple of years ago namely: customer discovery. You see according to Steve (and we'd have to totally agree with him), there is a BIG difference between...


Our educational platform offers students the chance to learn directly from Entrepreneurs; their mistakes and what they learned; have the opportunity to ask anything to expert entrepreneurs.


Stories of Global School for Entrepreneurship’s own student-entrepreneurs



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