where ideas go from

conception to completion

Although knowledge can be learned in school, real learning often happens outside of it. This is why Global School for Entrepreneurship couldn’t exist without a place to make knowledge application possible, outside of the classroom.


A Testing Ground

Our in-house incubator is a place for students to apply their knowledge, directly to their own business. It is a shared workspace where ideas get tested, tried-out, twisted, flipped over, turned around, changed, experimented, questioned, and discussed. Students get a chance to test concepts and tools with coaches and peers, and to get ready for real-life implementation. There, knowledge constantly gets used and squeezed, completed, and created to accommodate the dreams we support. It is the experimental laboratory where ideas go from conception to completion, where collaboration allows for creation, and where creation sets the ground for meaningful impact.

A tailored 


Somewhere between an educative space and a real-life work environment, our incubator makes room for every student’s needs. Not everyone faces the same challenges, at the same time, and at the same pace. Each business is unique. Each student is different.

Our incubator is a place of personalised learning where each student-entrepreneur gets facilitated to find the resources that fit their goal, their strategy, and more importantly their personality. It is a place where each individual can benefit from a tailored educative framework and from a supportive community of peers, which empower them to find their own solutions, create their own value, and unleash their entrepreneurial potential.


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