In the dynamic center of the Amsterdam start-up scene

Our Housing Solution

  • Our partnership with the Student Hotel allows us to facilitate the creation of your entrepreneurial dreams all over Europe. We will actively connect you to companies and local start-up scenes and entrepreneurs.
  • Of course, if you prefer to stay in Amsterdam that is fine with us too. However, we believe you should embrace the opportunity to travel and work all over Europe as much as possible.
  • It will grow your culture savviness and make you a global citizen. Through the Student Hotel we assured that this amazing experience is possible under the same housing contract and conditions as in Amsterdam!
  • Every Student Hotel location will have the same high standards of living, co-working and learning conditions. And there are always rooms available for friends and family to visit you, no matter what city you are, Paris, Berlin, Lisbon, Florence, Amsterdam. The choice will be yours.

Our partnerships help us grow at lightning speed Current and Future Locations

Hybrid Hotels, we start in Amsterdam City Hotel, Co-working space and Classrooms...

Who is opening 45 hotels all over Europe for us? Meet the Student Hotel founder

Friends, Fun and Experiences you will never forget...ever! Home away from home all over Europe. What The Student Hotel will offer you

Set your appointment today Come and see for yourself!

If you are interested to start September 1st and you want to go into depth regarding your specific situation, and experience The Student Hotel yourself, we would love to invite you to a personal meeting and show you around.

Setting an appointment is simple. Just send us an email stating: date and time you would like to meet us
or give us a call: +31-(0)20 244 1543

We are looking forward to meeting you! Today’s students, tomorrow’s entrepreneurs.