Discover your purpose whilst traveling Europe


8 hours of direct learning combined with supervised self-directed activities. Topics related to local business, culture, sport, history, norms & values and language

For eight months you will be traveling, learning, self-reflecting, experiencing new cultures, making new friends and enjoying life! This GAP year will be a transformational lifetime experience!

The Grand Tour of Europe A valuable year of traveling and learning

Travel throughout Europe and discover four of its greatest cities.

Each destination has a topic and a stay of two months. In Amsterdam, you will discover your entrepreneurial DNA in the company of delicious Dutch pancakes and wooden shoes. In Paris, you will unleash your creativity with the inspiration of cheese and wine. In Berlin, you will get immersed in the Digital World and the urban décor of bratwurst and beer. Finally, in Italy, you will find yourself and celebrate this discovery with some great pizza & pasta!


    Entrepreneurial Mindset
    Start-up Scene
    Value Creation
    Work on your own business
    Dutch Painters
    Cultural Capital
    Stroopwafels & Wooden Shoes


    Unleash your Creativity
    City of Romance
    Wine & Cheese


    Social Media
    Online Analytics
    Building your website
    Art & Music
    Urban Culture
    Beer & Bratwurst


    Who am I?
    Sensing your purpose
    Inspiration from within
    Pizza & Pasta

Experience the Student way of life Accommodation

You will experience the excellent accommodation opportunities offered by our partner, The Student Hotel.

This means that you will be in the middle of an international and diverse group of students which will allow you to gain even more insight into all different kinds of studies; further helping you in discovering what has your interest.

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