The best way to become an entrepreneur

Many people have dreams about one day starting their own business. The problem? Life happens! And as a result, they never actually start their (first) business! Can you imagine the loss of all those potential companies that would have been created but were never born simply because people have kept postponing their dream? 

You see we believe that the best way to become an entrepreneur is by actually being one. That means getting out of the building, talking with potential customers, learning and developing as you go along. After all, entrepreneurship is, in many ways, a skill that can be taught. In fact, Steve Blank, a Silicon Valley legend, often emphasized this very notion.

You’ll never start a business until you actually start one. And you’ll never learn how to create a successful business until you actually go through the process, multiple times, fail again and again until you succeed. 

A great example of this is the legendary serial entrepreneur and billionaire Sir. Richard Branson who founded over 400 (!) companies under the Virgin empire. He knew instinctively that the best way to become an entrepreneur was to simply start something and learn along the way.

At our school, we believe in this notion. In fact, our slogan pretty much comes down to becoming an entrepreneur by actually being one. That is why we took a radically different approach to teaching entrepreneurship. At our school it’s all about doing. Because in our experience and those of our students it’s the best way to actually make things happen and develop the skills necessary to succeed in the long run. Theory will only get you so far.

Whether your first business will be a huge hit nobody knows. But we can guarantee that you’ll be one step closer to becoming an entrepreneur by actually getting in the trenches. Never give up on your dreams.

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