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We dare you to unleash your dreams The 4 year Bachelor Program

We still can't believe it's true... Just a few reasons why we love our program:

  • Every module takes five weeks and that’s the only module you have to focus on those five weeks.
  • With the profiling modules you can tailor your modules to what suits you and your interests.
  • Our faculty all have an entrepreneurial background.
  • You get to start, further develop and grow your own business, from day 1. We are in the heart of the major startup scenes and can connect you to leading corporates through our network.
  • The curriculum is designed with you in mind. We have worked with over 25,000 startups and our bachelor is what they said they missed during their education experience.
  • We don’t believe in memory testing – we test application
  • We have partnered with The Student Hotel, which means you can travel and study around Europe while you are in school because we offer a tailored distance learning approach and we have a deal for you with The Student Hotels in all of Europe’s major cities!

Question to you: which aspect do you value most? Please let us know.

PS: Seen this article about us?

Tailored for 4 TYPES of ENTREPRENEURS Today's Students, Tomorrow's Entrepreneurs

Self-made Entrepreneur

Are you aspiring to develop a successful start-up and grow it into a scaled business in the future? Meet Coen. He has his own company now called StoryofAms, which is growing like crazy.

Social Entrepreneur

Are you aspiring to develop a social venture and are you willing to play the long game to achieve massive societal impact in the future? Meet Eric. He is building his own shoe brand for Ghana, as he is inspired by Africa.

Family Business Successor

Do you aspire to take on the leadership role and grow the family business in the near future? Meet Niels. He has now taken over his father's company and made it feel as his own. Watch the amazing commercial.

Intrapreneur / Corporate Entrepreneur

Do you want to contribute to the impact of established organizations and run their inspiring innovation projects? Meet Katherine. She is now working as a scrum master at TomTom in innovative projects.

Want to transfer or know more? Personal meeting

We are a specialised University of Applied Sciences and that offers many benefits. The most important benefit of them all is our personal touch.

So, if you are interested to start September 1st and you want to go into depth regarding your specific situation, we would love to invite you to a personal meeting.

How? Simple.

Just send us an email stating: date and time you would like to meet us
or give us a call: +31-(0)20 244 1543

We are looking forward to meeting you! Today’s students, tomorrow’s entrepreneurs.