At Global School for Entrepreneurship we welcome ambitious students who have an inner entrepreneurial drive. To apply please go through our application process and submit your application via email:

1. Fill in the application
Please provide us with an application you can download here.

2. Add all documents

Additionally, please provide us with the required attached documents, these are:

– Copy of your passport
– Your resume
– Highschool diploma (translated in Dutch or English)
– Highschool grades (translated in Dutch or English)
– IELTS Certificate (or similar certificate)

3. Write your letter

Please add your motivation letter and tell us about yourself. Why do you want to study at our school? We want to get to know you and make a proper decision so please be clear in your motivation.

4. Submit your application

After you went through all the steps above please send all required documents to (either via mail or WeTransfer).

5. Receive confirmation

Once you’ve submitted your application; one of our student advisors will confirm your application. We will contact you within 2 to 3 weeks regarding your application.

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