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toby rush

ceo of smart warehousing & founder of eyeverify


if the thing fails,

you are not a failure

Toby Rush is CEO of Smart Warehousing, founder of EyeVerify and the global winner of Get in the Ring 2013. During the Ask me Anything session with Global School students Toby talks about his road to becoming an entrepreneur and how he reached the point of selling his company to Alibaba for $100 million dollars.

Toby Rush also shared key insights based on his experiences and raised topics about perspective, making comparisons, and the identity of the company versus the person. Founders often get caught up in the identity of their own company that they forget about their own. Leading to Toby’s quote:

If the thing fails, you are not a failure”.

Founders often link their identity to the successes and failures of their company. However, failure is a big part of being an entrepreneur, which is why they should never be afraid to fail.

Failure leads to learning and eventually to a better and stronger business proposition.

We would like to thank Toby Rush for sharing his experiences with the students of Global School for Entrepreneurship.

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