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Justin Coetzee is the founder of GoMetro and during the Ask Me Anything shared his story on launching and scaling his business with the Global School students. Sharing the knowledge and experiences he gained along the way, from launching GoMetro to becoming a Get in the Ring 2013 finalist.

Justin Coetzee shared key insights on the importance of establishing a diverse team to help grow the business. Explaining that young and open minded people are able to bring the business forward.

“The younger the person, the more open they are to a crazy idea (….) The younger generation is more open to technology, more open to the possibilities. Surrounding yourself with these kind of people is a great benefit to any organisation”

He also elaborated on the importance of having older, more experienced people on the team stating:

”Startup hack: Hire the retired. While energy and enthusiasm are a great driver for any business on the road to growth, experience and wisdom should never be underestimated. The chance to add valuable field experience and insights to your team is one that should not be passed up.”

We would like to thank Justin Coetzee for sharing his experiences with the students of Global School for Entrepreneurship.

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