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gibran huzaifah

founder of efishery


either you are a part of it or watch from 

the sidelines

Gibran Huzaifah is founder of eFishery and global winner of Get in the Ring 2014. During the Ask me Anything session with Global School students Gibran talks about his entrepreneurial journey. Explaining how he launched eFishery and turned it into the successful business it is now. From an early university startup to building Asia’s most widespread startup in automated feeding solutions.

During the session Gibran Huzaifah shared how he got inspired by one of his classes in University to start his own business. With a catfish revolution arising in Indonesia, his professor told him:

”Either you will be a part of it or you will watch from the sidelines”

Inspiring him to follow his entrepreneurial passion and invest his time, energy and savings into starting a company. Stating:

”It is part of the entrepreneurial journey. You believe in that one idea that in the future can be more valuable than what it is right now.”

We would like to thank Gibran Huzaifah for sharing his experiences with the students of Global School for Entrepreneurship.

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