It is our mission to continuously push the envelope in entrepreneurial education, where for students Europe is their classroom, the World their learning environment and Entrepreneurship their Future.

Why Global School for Entrepreneurship
Global School for Entrepreneurship offers entrepreneurial education to entrepreneurial students. Meaning: teaching students to think, decide and act as an expert entrepreneur. What makes our approach to education different is that we at Global School for Entrepreneurship offer programs to small groups of diversified students, with a personal approach in an international setting and connecting students with successful business people and startups. Entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs are welcomed to the in-house incubator from day 1.

Rethinking education; practice supported by content
All content and modules are designed to facilitate the entrepreneurial mindset, to encourage their personal development and to stimulate them to give a contribution to the circular economy. So at the end of the four year journey, students will not only have gained their bachelor degree, they will also have built a venture and have become a global citizen. Not all students however choose to create their own venture; they want to build a resume with relevant internships.

Building experiences; traveling, venture development & education
At Global School for Entrepreneurship students are facilitated to combine traveling, studying and working in all of Europe’s hottest cities; Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Florence, Rome and Paris. In these cities, students are connected to students of local Universities, local start-ups and inspirational established organizations.
All to facilitate students to unleash and grow their full entrepreneurial potential in the most inspirational way possible.