• Work on creating your own business from day 1.
  • Get challenged, mentored and coached.
  • Get your Bachelor of Science degree.
  • Live and work in Europe’s hottest cities.
  • 75% of faculty are entrepreneurs themselves.
  • Starting is possible in February and September.
  • Accredited by the Dutch Flemish Accreditation Organisation.        

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  • At Global School for Entrepreneurship over 75% of the faculty are entrepreneurs themselves.
  • We developed the curriculum after having worked with more than 25.000 startups.
  • We will facilitate you in Europe’s hottest cities, we have a partner that facilitates our classrooms, co-working spaces and housing all over Europe. Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin.
  • Get connected in our eco-system through Get in the Ring in over 100+ countries (businesses, mentors, other start-ups, investors).
  • Our students are entrepreneurs. Within three months you too will be working on your own (family) businesses or intrapreneurial project.
  • Global School for Entrepreneurship is more a platform/eco-system than it is a generic school. It’s all about applied science. Bringing state of the art theory in practice by learning by doing.
  • We will mentor and facilitate you to the max so you can leave our Bachelor program with a running business. At Global School for Entrepreneurship your Bachelor in Science degree is considered the safety net; your fall back scenario. The degree gives you access to topic related Masters at any University.


At Global School for Entrepreneurship we consider it our challenge to educate and facilitate tomorrow’s entrepreneurs in the most inspirational and personal way possible. In any given year millions of novice entrepreneurs want to start their own companies. From the 25.000 startups we worked with, we learned that little of the currently offered programs at the Universities is truly relevant to them. Your program shouldn’t be ABOUT entrepreneurs, it should be FOR entrepreneurs.

This made us rethink entrepreneurship education. We are fully accredited yet completely different from anything out there. There are perceived similars in the market, but as far as we can tell none are the real deal.

Come visit our online try-out on the 28th of May to experience it for yourself, or book a call underneath to meet us in a call online.


Transforming Education

At Global School for Entrepreneurship we consider it our challenge to educate and facilitate tomorrow’s entrepreneurs in the most personal and inspirational way possible. We are creating Entrepreneurship education we wish we had ourselves. What we offer you is disrupting and certainly challenging. It is not for everyone. It is the best choice for students who aspire to become an entrepreneur by being one.

sTART IN september 2020

Good news! Enrolling for September 2020 is now possible. If you have decided you want to invest in yourself and your future, and most importantly, your entrepreneurial dreams, make sure you take action. Spots are limited in February enrolment. We are always more than happy to help you with making the right decision. Schedule a call to further discuss your program and ask us specific questions. Also check out our online events and experiment what is like to be an entrepreneur.



It’possible to experience our Virtual tour via an Oculus Go and even your mobile phone. Enjoy discovering the Amsterdam City campus of Global School for Entrepreneurship. Experience it yourself!

covid-19 forced us to rethink our approach

now completely online, even the friday drinks

Thanks to our online solutions we were not only able to seamlessly transfer to an online approach to education, we are also receiving the first new students transfering to our 90 days program and our Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship & Innovation Bachelor Degree. 

We are offering a risk free option to enroll and join our Bachelor program in September either face -2-face in Amsterdam or initially online from the comfort of your home and coming to Amsterdam once Covid-19 is finally sorted. We also don’t know when this will be the case. Therefore we are offering you the possibility to join and come over once save. Don’t lose time when you can start right now or in September.


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