• Get your Bachelor in Science degree in Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

  • Enter a program FOR entrepreneurs and not ABOUT entrepreneurs.

  • Work on your own business from day 1 and get mentored by entrepreneurs.

  • Live and study in Amsterdam, and study in Europe's other hot cities.

  • Become an Entrepreneur by being one; learn by doing not just by reading about it.

  • Because we are fully accredited by NVAO, you can finance the entire tuition fee and earn it back while you grow your startup in four years if you are an European citizen.

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Want to start September 2019? Study in Amsterdam? Apply now!

Good news! Enrolling for September 2019 is still possible.
If you have decided you want to invest in yourself and your future, and most importantly, your entrepreneurial dreams, make sure you take action!

We are always more than happy to help you with making the right decision. Schedule a call to further discuss our program and ask us specific questions.

Apply for our Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship & Innovation for this September by providing us with a filled in application form 

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Sounds too good to be true? See what our students experience

We are very proud of our impact. And because we are so different from all the other more theory oriented Universities, we believe it is smart to listen to and meet some of our students to get a feel on how they are experiencing our approach to education.

Master in Scaling Up and Pre-Master For entrepreneurs and not about entrepreneurs

All of our programs are for entrepreneurs and not about entrepreneurs. We are now also offering the opportunity to enroll into the Master in Scaling Up (MSc.). It is for entrepreneurial students wanting to further grow their existing (social) business.If you don’t have a running business yet, you can enroll into our pre-Master to develop one.

So if you have the dream to try out entrepreneurship, book a meeting with us and find out how you can enroll and or transfer to Global School for Entrepreneurship.

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Ready to start building your dream? BECOME AN ENTREPRENEUR BY BEING ONE

  • Come with an intention to build your startup and leave with a running business and a bachelor degree after four years.
  • At Global School for Entrepreneurship 75% of the faculty are entrepreneurs themselves.
  • We developed the curriculum after having worked with over 25.000 startups.
  • We don’t own real estate, we have an amazing network of partners that facilitates our classrooms, co-working spaces and housing all over Europe.
  • Through our Get in the Ring ecosystem we can connect you to the startup scenes in over 100+ countries.
  • Tuition fee is € 13.500,- per year for the Bachelor. As we are fully accredited European nationals can finance this tuition fee in full via DUO. Book a call to find out more about these possibilities as well as the pricing of the Master and Pre-Master program.
  • Possibility to earn back the tuition fee during the four year program, deduct it tax wise as an investment into your own business.
  • Leave our School with a Bachelor and or Master degree as well as a running business and possibly debt free if you work hard.
  • High-end student housing solution available all-over Europe.
  • Fully accredited Bachelor in Science degree in Entrepreneurship and Innovation.
  • Best of academic faculty from a broad range of Universities.

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Meet Timo Timmerman, Thomas Blekman and Hendrik Halbe. Who are transforming Entrepreneurship Education?

Education we wish we had ourselves Transforming Entrepreneurship education

At Global School for Entrepreneurship we consider it our challenge to educate and facilitate tomorrow’s entrepreneurs in the most inspirational and personal way possible.

We are creating Entrepreneurship education we wish we had ourselves.

We bought an existing University to transform entrepreneurship education because we believe:

  • the only way to become an entrepreneur is by being one, that’s why you get to work on your own business from day 1.
  • if you want to become an entrepreneur you need to start hanging out around them, that’s why we are located in the heart of the startup scene and not in a school building or out-side of the city.
  • entrepreneurs are dreamers who do. So all you have to bring is an ambition

Entrepreneurship can be learned if you’re willing. We are here to help you turn your dream into a reality.

From the over 25.000 startups we worked with, we learned that little of the currently offered programs at the Universities is truly relevant to them. Most Universities have non-entrepreneurs teaching entrepreneurship. Hardly any time is made available to work on the actual business, half a year max. This made us rethink entrepreneurship education and solve the complex puzzle.

We decided to do some things a little different yet still assure you could achieve your Bachelor in Science degree in Entrepreneurship in time as a safety net if your venture doesn’t work out.

Most important difference? Work in our incubator on your own startup from day 1. So in four years you could have a running business and a bachelor degree. The tuition fee is an investment in your business and should be earned back during the program. Therefore you should not leave with an immense student loan. Book a meeting with us on the bottom of the page and find out how you can enroll.

Offering practical knowledge and valuable coaching How we are disrupting higher education?

Maximized personal touch

Anything you need to know as a parent or as a student; Thomas Meijer can help you!
Just give him a call:+31 (0)6 57584721 Or send him a WhatsApp message.

Expert coaching

It’s all about you. Therefore we facilitate learning by doing, in small hands-on groups by experienced learning coaches who guide you personally all the way. Meet Christine Fitzgerald .

Relevant Literature

The latest and most relevant literature from academia and the actual field. Books you will consult again and again even after you have finished your programme.

Future proof yourself

We are 100% focused on developing 21st century skills. So no memory of theory testing only application of theory assessments. You don’t learn to play the piano by reading about it.

Get Mentored

We teach value creation through modules and give you practical mentoring by industry experts. You tell us your business idea and we will introduce you to a valuable mentor.

Worldwide Network

What will truly help you accelerate? The access to our worldwide network. We will proactively connect you to our contacts for two purposes: 1) personal growth 2) startup development. Talk to our students and find out: we do deliver on this promise.

Likeminded Students

We only allow access to likeminded students. We couldn’t have dreamed up the extent to which the students are helping each other out with design, programming, website development even sales techniques. Come feel the vibe.

Accredited Bachelor

Leaving Global School with a running business should be expected but can not be guaranteed. As a safety net you will also receive an accredited Bachelor in Science degree which is recognized in Europe.



We are easy to reach. Visit us or simply send us an e-mail at

Timo Timmerman

Co-founder & CEO

+31 6536 773 98

Thomas Blekman

Co-founder & Dean

+31 6 226 503 66

Hendrik Halbe

Co-founder & Commercial Director

+31 6 441 008 89

Thomas Meijer

Master of the Universe

+31 6 575 847 21